What to consider when investing in a textile logistic system for work wear


For many businesses, investing in a system for distributing work clothes may seem difficult and time-consuming. There are many factors and details that affect the end result. This places high demands on the client and the department that will use the system.

In this guide we have gathered information from our many years of experience from a large number of purchasing processes and introduction projects.


With this guide you get in-depth information about all the factors involved when you're about to invest in a new textile logistic solution.

It will make the whole process smoother, help you to avoid costly misstakes and make the end result that much better.

  1. How to organize the process.
  2. How to map your needs.
  3. The benefits of a market analysis.
  4. What specifications that need to be included.
  5. How to prepare for a final decision.
  6. Formalities and commercial terms.
  7. How to implement and follow-up your solution.